Koryo Hand Therapy Complete Learning Program

(Diploma Program)


As of August 16, 2011, Aukoshimo Professional Training Program has been approved for candidacy status with International Accreditation Organization and we are working toward full candidacy in near future.
Koryo Hand Therapy Practitioners' Diploma Certificate
(KHT Complete Learning Program CD-ROM)
ISBN: 978-0-9837812-1-9

Program description

The program has been published in a Single CD-ROM format. This allows the students to have full control of the process. This is not a DVD or CD player which you watch/listen and learn. It is programmed to learn engage the student with ways of doing and practicing skills. There are such features as the drag and drop for point location, quizzes after every lesson and a final exam after the completion of every level. Most pages in the program are printable and avalible in full color.

The program uses animation, digital pictures from real models, additionally it involves video clips that make it very unique, fun and easy to understand the content. The students are able to print a page, search for specific word(s) or a subject in a matter of seconds.

In every page of the program, there is button which allow the students to send us their feed back, comments or questions if necessary. The program allows the user to save a page and resume the study later on. The program has a estimation time of 150 to 200 hours. However, we have been received reports that many students have completed the program and passed the requirement exam in as little as 120 hours.

The Program is advised to be completed in no less than 6 months from the date of enrollment up to 2 years. AuKoShiMo Professional Training Program dedicated to support the students for up to 2 years.

Requirements for obtaining Koryo Hand Therapy Diploma Certificate From AuKoShiMo Professional Training Program and "The American Academy of Koryo Hand Therapy/Acupuncture

The Koryo Hand Therapy Diploma Certificate is an optional choice. Those who wish not to obtain a certificate of diploma, there is no requirements and there will be a reduction up to $450.

Certificate of Diploma Requirements:

1. Passing the final exam which consists of 50 multiple questions, with a score 70% or more.
2. Students are required to show evidence for at least 50 treatments given to no less than 10 different individuals.
3. Students are required to have the correct answers to at least 10 different question via Skype or the phone after passing final exam.


Description of 4 Levels in KHT complete Learning

Level I: Correspondent Therapy: Used for treating all aches and pains which does not involve the internal origins.

Level II: Organ Therapy Balancing, the Internal Organs by using Front Mu Points of Internal Organs

Level III: The Body Constitutional Type: In this level, the students will learn how to diagnose and determined the patient's body constitutional type based on the Five Element of Chinese Medicine and Yin Yang Pulse diagnoses and Abdominal Palpations.

Level IV: Meridian Therapy, 4 point technique and the Cold and Heat Therapy are taught in this level. The students will learn how to treat various diseases whether they have internal origins or not effectively and achieve results.


Enrollment options and Fees:

1. KHT Complete Learning Program with Certificate of Diploma
Fee: $3,950 US$ Or, $4150 AU$

2. KHT Complete Learning Program without Certificate of Diploma (Full Program)
Fee: $3,450 US$ Or, $3,600 AU$

3. KHT Complete Learning Program without Certificate of Diploma (Full Program) + 10 hours of interactive training by the founder of AuKoShiMo Professional Training Program
Fee: $4,450 US$ Or, $4,700 AU$

4. KHT Complete Learning Program Level purchased by Level

$900 Per level (with certificate of achievement) US$
$1000 per level (with certificate of achievement) AU$


To enroll Please contact by phone or an e-mail