Dr Majid Joneidi moved to the United States in the mid'80s to study Western Medicine. Shortly after arriving in the States, his older sister died from the side effects of taking an allopathic medication. She was 38 years old. This tragedy impacted him deeply, and resulted in him changing the focus of his study from Western to Eastern Medicine.

He completed his studies in the US where he gained recognition for his work and was awarded the following certificates: Doctoral degree in Oriental Medicine (DOM), Doctoral degree in Acupuncture (D.Ac), and the NCCAOM Diploma in Acupuncture.

Driven by an unstoppable passion to help others, he took up residence in several countries as he sought to deepen his knowledge and understanding of Oriental Medicine. He studied under highly experienced professionals, such as: Dr Tae Woo Yoo Ph.D., the founder of Koryo Sooji Chim (Koryo Hand Therapy/Koryo Hand Acupuncture), Dr Li Di Huang, the Master of Auricular Therapy, Dr Lily Sui the 64th descendent of Dao Medicine and Qigong and the late Dr Lucy Lee and Dr Jon Yong, as well as several other well-known practitioners from around the world. He was awarded various certificates, including the Certificate for Practitioner and Teacher of Koryo Hand Therapy/Koryo Hand Acupuncture from the founder, Dr Tae Woo Yoo Ph.D., OMD.

Dr Majid has completed extensive research and training in the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine and in the treatment of hereditary, congenital, and constitutional disorders. As testament to his knowledge in this area, he is the only one, from his family of seven children, who has not yet been affected by hereditary illness.

Drawing from his experience, he is able to provide treatments, which control, and/or postpone, the onset of hereditary disorders, such as diabetes, heart attacks, liver problems, arthritis, and emotional problems, etc.

Over the past 30 years, Dr Majid has treated thousands of people worldwide and has trained over 3000 practitioners. For more information on intensive training and distance education opportunities, please visit

Dr Majid has created and authored over 10 computer CD programs and books on Oriental Medicine and especially on Koryo Hand Therapy. He is currently working on two subjects which will be published in both computer CD-ROM and books. They are: ECIWO Acupuncture treatment protocols for Acupuncturists and "The Body Constitutional Type Based on Five Element" II book version.